Monday, May 23, 2011

Reds Shake things up? Could be interesting!

Okay, been a while gonna start blogging on here more. Sorry bout that.

So if you haven't heard the news today, Edinson Volquez was sent to AAA (along with Jordan Smith but who really cares about that) and they bring up Matt Maloney ( on twitter) and Todd Frazier.

This is the best thing to happen in Redsland since last week. Was it me or did it just look like Volquez doesn't care. I mean I personally would have done this a couple weeks ago. Commenting after the game that our lack of offense was to blame? Wow Eddie, Slow your roll. 7 Runs in the first inning bro, not gonna fly. Your era looks like my golf score. I mean I remember talking great things about you, I really regret this now.

So up comes Matt Maloney and Todd Frazier, I really like the move for Mo and Frazier has hit his way into this spot this month, but I was really looking forward to Dontrell Willis making his Reds debut. The D-Train has been tossing pure cheddar this year but will move to the 7-Day DL do to a groin injury.

Also want to throw it up to Jay Bruce who has really come into form as of late (excluding Cleveland). I think while Votto is the reigning MVP the Reds season is going to go wherever Jay Bruce takes us.

And on a strange note, Where is Edgar Renteria, any official word on that, if anyone has heard anything let me know.

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