Monday, May 23, 2011

Why We Suck!

Seems like just yesterday we were sweeping the Cardinals right out of first place. Now with the Reds losing streak at six games we are 2.5 back tied with the Brewers for second. Everything seemed to be going as planned until we dropped two to the Buccos and then got swept right out of Cleveland. But where should the finger pointing begin, I mean, Volquez only pitches every 5th day.

Can you blame the offense? .236/.306/.373 over the last seven days, that line won't win you pennant. Can you blame the Pitching? The starters have a WHIP of 1.35 which ranks 3rd from the bottom only ahead of Houston and Chicago in the NL and an ERA of almost 5 this season. While the bullpen is giving up 1.34 WHIP and a 3.34 ERA, not much better at all.

The truth of the matter is that besides a couple players (Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey), we suck right now. Not taking advantage of RISP, hitting into double plays, and just not caring (Volquez).

But fear not, a lot of things are going on with this club. Between just sending down Volquez, getting Frazier up here, and stripping Johnny Gomes of his starting role (we can only hope) the Reds will snap out of this. Don't forget, before this skid we had an 11-2 run. Which this club is perfectly capable of busting into a winning streak.

So the fact of the matter Reds' Nation we can get through this, and before you know it we'll be playing the ball we are capable of.

On a brighter note, here is this

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